Zero Sweat: Antiperspirant Review

Zero Sweat Antiperspirant Review

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis can be a very uncomfortable feeling and it has many effects. Having excess sweat prevents you from doing your regular tasks and even more because of the embarrassment of lifting your arms due to wet armpits.

Sweat can also increase if you wear layers of clothes underneath just to minimize the visual of you getting wet on your back, neck, and especially your underarms. These areas can also result to clothes’ stain which can be difficult to remove making you do additional laundry work.

Hyperhidrosis can complicate your life in many ways that is why it is recommended that you use a deodorant, particularly Zero Sweat. Zero Sweat will stop your hyperhidrosis, all its symptoms, and prevent it from coming back making you more comfortable raising your arms and no worries interacting with other people like your officemates, friends or family members.

You will also say goodbye to sweat stains and no more layers of clothing means less laundry. All these benefits and more with Zero Sweat Antiperspirant. This product works on more than just your underarms but also in areas where you have increase sweat like your palms and in other parts of your body.

For best results, apply this product after showering before going to bed so that the compounds can work before you sleep and your sweat glands are less active during this time. Zero Sweat can then do its function in preventing you to overly sweat the next day.

Applying Zero Sweat will not limit you from taking a bath, you may do this and even have another application then you can just continue on your day feeling fresh and dry all day long.


  • Zero Sweat bottles contain 1.2 oz. and is tested to last for two months with normal use.
  • Zero Sweat is in a liquid consistency antiperspirant equipped with a roll on applicator for a no mess application.
  • With each application of Zero Sweat guarantees a lasting 7 day protection from wetness.
  • Zero Sweat gives extended protection and extra strong antiperspirant to lessen excess sweating.
  • Zero Sweat contains formulation that is safe for treating hyperhidrosis and effectively reduces sweat with regular use.
  • The Zero Sweat formulation carefully adheres to the Food and Drug Administration and is genuinely made in the USA.
  • Zero Sweat has a stain free formulation which eliminates any sweat mark and yellow pit stains giving you confidence all throughout the day.
  • Zero Sweat guarantees to keep you fresh and dry.


  • Zero Sweat helps eliminate hyperhidrosis and all its symptoms; it prevents them from coming back.
  • Zero Sweat helps reduce laundry as its formulation is stain free and does not leave any mark on any type of clothing of any color; you do not need to wear layers of shirt to avoid showing all your wet areas when excessively sweating.
  • Does not need to be applied every night eventually after regular use.
  • Does not come off after taking a shower the next day or even when putting on a new layer of deodorant.
  • Doesn’t only work in underarms but also in other areas where you tend to sweat a whole lot.


  • Strong chemicals are found on the product that can cause serious burns and itchiness on sensitive skin that can last for days.
  • The effectivity of this product depends on the user and how it is used to guarantee reduction of sweat on areas where it is applied.
  • The product needs to be fully dry before putting on any clothing to avoid drips and keep dry.
  • It needs to be used regularly to have a successful effect on the body and instructions should be followed diligently to avoid any problems.


Go about your day with great confidence to be free from sweat and embarrassment with Zero Sweat. This product will give you a life changing experience from shy to confident, from being limited to having no limits on the tasks you will be capable of doing. Both your arms can be raised in the air without anxiety. Zero Sweat is not messy to apply and it will not leave any marks or arm pit stains since it reduces the way you sweat.

It does not mark on any colored clothing and it guarantees up to 7 days protection. Zero Sweat is surely a safe product and very effective for all body types. Compared to other antiperspirant products in stores which even claim clinical strength, Zero Sweat is guaranteed to work for you.

If you have tried almost everything and are planning to resort on undergoing surgeries or any injectable remedy, this product is a must try.


If you do not like the roll on applicator because of the wet formula having it drip on your clothes then you can pick out an antiperspirant that is more like paste when applied to ensure that it dries quickly. If you are worried about the burns given by this product then you can choose one with a less strong formula, but almost all deodorant preventing hyperhidrosis gives an itchiness side effect not only limited to those with sensitive skin.

Zero Sweat can be applied to other areas not only in your underarm but if you want to apply a product solely to your armpit then you can opt for a simple deodorant or antiperspirant without the extra ingredients that makes it compatible for other parts of the body. In addition to that, you may also use a deodorant stone to prevent any burns and avoid that “wet” feel you get whenever you apply a roll on.


Overall, Zero Sweat is the only deodorant you can rely on that is an antiperspirant and will help those who are suffering in hyperhidrosis. They guarantee to keep you dry all day up to seven days. All you need to do is apply it after a shower at night before going to bed to help the formula stay and work on your skin so the next day you can put on a good smelling deodorant and go through about your day without breaking an extra sweat.




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