Under Armour Heat Gear Review

Under Armour Heat Gear Overview

Sweating is an essential process that releases heat and detoxifies the body. Sweat does make us cool and clean. Perspiring really does a great job for the body because it provides several health benefits. However, excessive sweating can also be an annoyance.

Excessive sweating can affect your personal life and even your job or business. For instance, an overly sweaty business person that meets with a client can turn off the deal. Sweating too much while discussing a presentation during a meeting can also make an impression that you are nervous, anxious, or tensed. Dating a girl with patches of sweat marks can also mean embarrassment.

Whatever the case is, overly sweating is not good. Medically, some refer this sweat abnormality as Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a condition where the body sweats more than the required body fluid amount.

There are several ways on how to control or manage excessive sweating. Some use cosmetic products with aluminum content that can stop or minimize sweating, such as antiperspirant products. Deodorant is one of the common antiperspirant that actually stops sweat in the underarms. Other products like Hyperhidrosis gel can also be used. Prescription medication can also be an option.

Most people prefer wearing sweat proof undershirt. Though non-therapeutic, this method has less or no risk of medical adverse. Under Armour is a popular brand of sweat proof product and their HeatGear Crew Undershirts are amazing.

Features of Under Armour Heat gear

The Under Armour Heat Gear Crew Undershirt is a sweat-proof shirt that has unique features and is made from top-quality materials that guarantee customer comfort and satisfaction. Talking about the features, we will look closely at the design, performance, and quality.

  • The undershirt has a crew neck design for men in any sorts of shape and sizes.
  • It is available in white and black color.
  • The sleeves do have the right length for the arms.
  • The shirt is slim-fit design. Wear this and flaunt the shape of your body.
  • The undershirt is made from polyester and a slight amount of spandex.
  • The garment has been stitched flatlock for strength and durability.
  • The fabric is smooth and lightweight.
  • The shirt is machine washable and dryable.
  • Under Armour Heat Gear Crew Undershirt has a Moisture Transport System that lets the fabric dry quickly.
  • The Anti-Odor Technology of the shirt prevents body odor and other odor-causing bacteria.
  • The shirt is available in different sizes.
  • The product has a reasonable price compared to other brands with the same quality and features.
  • You get two shirts in one pack!


  • The shirt is aesthetic. You can wear it even without an outerwear.
  • Slim-fit design lets you wear a dress shirt or other outer layer without getting a fat or sloppy effect.
  • The polyester material promises water-repelling quality to manage your sweat. Also, the spandex material allows the shirt to expand and open a little more space for the body.
  • The shirt is available in different sizes, from small to extra-large.
  • The garment is lightweight and is not bulky; you can always put the shirt on your luggage when traveling.
  • You do not have to worry about body odor, as the Anti-Odor technology of the shirt will prevent you from getting smelly.
  • The Moisture Transport System of the shirt makes drying just a breeze!
  • The product is cost-efficient! You get two shirts in one cart.
  • The flatlock stitch does not create a chafe effect. Thus, it won’t irritate your skin nor stop you from your dynamic motion.
  • The product can be an excellent choice of gift for your loved one.


  • The UA logo is way too dark; it can be seen through the outer layer dress.
  • The crew-neck design is way too tight; it makes you feel like being choked.
  • The shirt is short and is difficult to tuck. When wearing, the shirt constantly goes un-tucked.
  • The shirt, especially on the armpit part, does not work well with stains.

Summary of Under Armour Heat Gear

After a thorough investigation of Under Armour Heat Gear Crew Undershirt, we can say that the product is excellent and is worth buying. The design of the shirt is classic, yet stylish. The body fit design can also show off your masculinity.

The bottom part of the shirt is short, but this should not be a concern for informal wears. The logo on the chest is somewhat annoying, but I don’t like logos on my clothing. Wearing dark outer layer shirts solves this issue. The price is just right and practical; you get two shirts in one purchase!


A great sweat proof undershirt alternative is the Thompson Tee V-Neck undershirt. This undershirt has integrated underarm sweat pads that the brand has had patented. The shirt is made from high-quality water-repelling and breathable fabric that prevents sweat marks from showing off without, of course, making you feel irritated or chafed.

There are several sweat proof undershirt brands out in the market, but the Thompson Tee is one of the few shirts that has been promoted and featured on the international television by leading shows and magazines.

The product is so good that the company even promises to return money for unsatisfied customers, which, for the record, has been very rare. Plus, unlike the Under Armour undershirt that is hard to tuck, the Thompson Tee has an extra-length bottom to keep your shirt tucked all day, even with excessive motion.

The sweat-proof performance and comfort of the Thompson Tee undershirt can be yours at a price that you can afford!


Wearing a sweat proof undershirt is now becoming a trend not only because it goes with the modern style, but also because of its sweat proof feature. The Under Armour Heat Gear Crew Undershirt is an excellent choice. It is affordable and quality supreme. It does what it promises – hides sweat marks while making you feel comfortable and vogue. However, if you cannot tolerate some of the drawbacks of this product, it would be best to look for other undershirts that would meet your standards in performance and style.

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