Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong Review

Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong Review

Sweating is a normal function of our body to cool it down when we exert effort in sports, to make us feel comfortable in humid conditions and as a normal response of our bodies to warm environment. The intensity of it, however, is one which may vary from person to person.

This is because the amount of sweat that people tend to excrete is directly influenced by several individual factors. Some of these potential factors that could increase the production of sweat includes having a hot temperature and/or climate, increased humidity, and increased physical activity.

The amount of sweat could also be determined by a variety of physical or internal factors as well. Some of these factors include the over-all health of the endocrine system, the feeling of anxiety and nervousness, as well as genetics, given that some people are “wired” to sweat much more than others would.

Since the underarms are often a reason for concern, having more active sweat glands than other parts of the body, there have been products in the market to help control excessive sweating and one of these is the Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong.


True Extra Strength

The great thing about the Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong is that it lives up to its name. The reason for this is that it was made especifically to take care of underarms that are overly sweaty.

Unlike other antiperspirants that would require you to reapply on a regular basis, with the Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong, a single application is enough to shield your underarms from excessive sweat for up to one week, depending on your body chemistry.

Apart from the long-lasting effects, taking a bath with it would not affect its effectiveness.

Quick and Convenient Application

As previously mentioned, you would only have to apply the Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong once a week. Having said that, applying it is a process that’s not cumbersome at all.

Simply give a swipe or two onto the underarm area before sleeping, and you’re most definitely good to go. No need to deal with soaking wet wipes, or broken sticks, or sachets that won’t keep shut. All you need is a good dab on the area of concern.

Made Especially for the Underarms

Roll-On antiperspirants are not new at all. For underarm use, however, this is the optimal type given that you would just have to take the lid off and give a dab or give it a good rub on the underarm area. This is enough to guarantee that you would be protected from embarrassing and unhygienic excessive underarm sweating.


Dermatologist and FDA Tested and Approved

This is one of the things you ought to check whenever you’re on the lookout for any product you have to use on your body. With the Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong, you need not worry as it has been tested and approved by dermatologists and competent testing bodies, specifically the FDA.

Not only are you guaranteed free from embarrassing sweaty underarms, your safety is guaranteed as well.

Efficient, Long-Lasting

Given that a single application of the Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong on your underarms would guarantee as much as 7 days of protection from heavy sweating in that area, a single bottle would be enough to last you for a good 12 months or 1 year, or close to that, depending on how frequently it is applied. This makes it a good and economical buy for anyone.

More Options for Clothes

One of the problems associated with heavy sweating underarms is the fact that you do not have much freedom in terms of the kinds of clothing you could possibly wear. Heavy underarm sweating is usually visible or obvious in light-colored clothes, hence those who are aware of their excessive underarm sweating would usually opt to wear clothes of darker shades.

Having said that, with heavy underarm sweating put under control, you have much more freedom.

More Confidence Guaranteed

Excessively sweaty underarms are usually obvious, and could leave a negative impression on other people. Also, with these overly sweaty underarms, bacteria which cause the underarms to smell bad could also flourish.

Both of these incidents would be embarrassing for anyone to experience. With the Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong, you could be free to raise your arms and move around with confidence, knowing that nothing unsightly is on your body.


Irritation for Hypersensitive Skin

There have been some reports of users experiencing an itching, burning, hot sensation on their underarms the moment it gets applied, making them not want to use the product again. This, however, is a relatively minor problem as it is experienced only by those who are hypersensitive to its ingredients.


There are several deodorant varieties out in the market which you could choose from nowadays, coming in different forms, such as sheets, sticks, and spray-ons. It will not be difficult for you to find an alternative which is compatible with your body chemistry.

Some alternatives that serve the same purpose well includes the Certain Dri Antiperspirant Roll-On.


In terms of effectiveness, as well as strength, the Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong is indeed, one which is extra strong, and helps serve its purpose of preventing excessive sweat well.

Also, if you wish to not spend so much on deodorants, then this is most definitely the best kind of underarm roll-on for you to buy.


There are several kinds of deodorants out in the market today, some of which are more effective than others, and some being manufactured to effectively cater to a specific demographic. In terms of quality however, these antiperspirants tend to vary greatly from one another given that their manufacturers are not the same.

One of the things you have to consider primarily is its efficiency, as well as its safety, and in terms of both, the Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong is one which simply has these, and is therefore an item that’s worth purchasing.


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