Odaban Spray Review – What you need to know

Odaban Spray Review

Odaban is among the top deodorants and antiperspirants in the world and is great for those with Hyperhidrosis. With proper use and application it can be used to control excessive sweating. There are several products out in the market that are aimed to help people with their hygiene needs.  One of the most common and familiar products are antiperspirants and deodorants. But among a myriad of choices, there are some that stand out a step over the rest, and Odaban Spray is one of these.

One of the hygiene issues people usually have is excessive perspiration or sweating. While it may not be a deadly disease, nor is it a medical emergency, having overly sweaty underarms or other body parts is embarrassing.

Having sweaty clothes would eventually lead to bad body odor as bacteria tend to flourish in damp environment and feed of the oily secretions from your apocrine glands.

Thankfully, there are several products out in the market aimed at helping to solve this problem. While deodorants and roll-ons are widely available in paste or thick fluid roll-on form, there are other similar products available in sprays as well, and one of these is the Odaban Spray.



Unlike other deodorants and antiperspirants out in the market, the Odaban Spray works not just for the underarms, but for the scalp, palms, and feet as well. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose antiperspirant, then this is definitely a great choice for you.

While it may be a bit expensive, it’s just like buying three products in one, and this multi-purpose characteristic of the Odaban helps to justify its price, and is a purchase that’s worth every penny.

Deodorant Spray

Being a deodorant spray is one of the standout characteristics of the Obadan that is a cut above the rest. This particular feature makes it the multi-purpose deodorant. The Obadan Spray, rather than being a roll-on, allows you to apply it on your scalp or skin evenly and easily by just spraying on the affected area.

The spray formulation makes it bereft of creams and other substances that could be found in conventional roll-ons that facilitate the ease of application process. This allows for a purer, and therefore, much more effective mixture.

Made of Aluminium and Skin Proteins

This is the key ingredient present in the Odaban Spray that allows it to be the deodorant and antiperspirant of choice. The mechanism employed is basically having the aluminium and the skin proteins serve as a “blocker” for the sweat-releasing glands on the affected area.

This enables the sweat to be “re-channelled” to other parts of the body, such as other sweat glands or through the kidneys as urine. These substances have been proven to be safe to use time and again, with aluminium being the most commonly found substances among deodorants.

Application Specifics

The Odaban Spray works best after a bath, especially at night. Before you spray on the affected area, it’s best to make sure that the area is completely clean and dry. Once this is through, it’s best to spray liberally on the affected area, making sure that all the parts are well-covered.


Great for Other Sweaty Parts

The Obadan Spray-on deodorant most definitely is one of the best sprays for other parts of the body that may sweat excessively. The most common of these include the face and the scalp.

It would be practically impossible to apply the roll-on type of deodorant on these parts, while the purity of the composition of the Obadan Spray greatly helps for better absorption in the affected parts.

Three Purchases in One

The Obadan Spray usually comes in cans of three.  It sells rather quickly, which is why it is advised that this should be bought in bulk. Furthermore, the three-pack deal is one which is more economical and offers the most value for your money.

Long Lasting Application

The great thing about the Obadan Spray is each application has long-lasting effect. It is ideal that it be applied about every three days which makes it one of the most practical choices for deodorants.


Might Sting or Irritate Skin

This is the most common complaint among new users of the Obadan Spray. The reason for this is that some people may find the aluminium-skin protein mixture is too harsh on the skin. Despite that, however, plenty of users would eventually and easily adjust to its strength.

Hurts the Eyes when Comes in Contact

The Obadan, given that it is a spray product, would always pose this risk, especially if applied on areas near the eyes, specifically on the face and scalp. To prevent this, make sure to spray as close to the affected area as possible to prevent the particles from dispersing even further.


This is the best product you could avail of in the market for multi-purpose deodorant/anti-perspirant properties.

If you are on the lookout for simpler and cheaper deodorants, brands such as dove, brut, and old spice have wide array of equally effective deodorants, despite not being for parts other than the underarms.

Verdict on Odaban

There are several products out in the market made for the purpose of curing and preventing body odor and extreme perspiration. If you’re on the lookout for one though, that could be applied on parts other than the underarms, then the Obadan Spray is one of the best choices for you.

To make this good quality product a even greater value, each purchase comes with 2 more, which would allow you to avail of this product at a much lower price than other competing brands.

If you wouldn’t mind spending a bit more, and if you wish to say goodbye to your over-sweating woes then you might as well try the Obadan Spray soon.



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