Medline MedSpa Antiperspirant – Roll-on, 12-Pack Review


When it comes to hygiene, one of the most common issues among people, regardless of age, would most definitely have to be sweaty underarms. Of all types, the most difficult to deal with is definitely sweaty underarms. If left untreated this underarm sweating would always look unattractive and would definitely leave you in awkward situations.

Apart from embarrassments, one of the consequences of having sweaty underarms would usually be an unpleasant smell. While the smells may vary in terms of intensity, as well as type, the reality is no one would want to have this kind of smell perpetually lingering around, as having it could cause an impact on one’s reputation in the most negative way possible, with you being a prospect of back-biting and bullying.

Having said this, it’s of utmost importance to always have your body odours in check. Therefore, taking the necessary preventive measures or any means to prevent the unpleasant smell needs to be your main priority.

Should you be suffering from this particular type of bodily issue though, you need not worry, as there are several products out in the market that are specially made to take care of either one or both of these issues. We present to you the Underarm Roll-Ons.


Medline MedSpa Antiperspirant Roll-on is one of the most effective ones nowadays. If you’re on the lookout for one which is free from all of the scents and other harsh, extraneous additives, then this is definitely the perfect one for you.

The formula is as simple as it can get, with its key active ingredient being Aluminum Chlorohydrate, which is known for its extra effective mechanism to prevent excessive underarm sweating, while getting rid of the dreadful stench of the armpits as well.

The application of theMedline MedSpa Antiperspirant Roll-on is easy, and all you have to do is apply on the underarms, preferably after a bath (once the underarms are dry), in order to maximize the effectiveness of the product.



If you’re on the lookout for long-term protection, then Medline MedSpa Antiperspirant Roll-on has sales allowing you to purchase dozens of roll-ons at a time. This greatly spares you from the hassle of having to buy over and over again, as 12 of these are enough to last you for roughly one year. This further makes it a great deal for those who want underarm sweat and odour protection despite being on a budget.

 Easy Application

Application is indeed, quick and easy. To ensure maximum effectiveness, it’s advised toapply itafter a night shower, and once the armpits have already been dried. In the morning and beyond, you could expect that your underarms are already free from sweat and bad odour, with re-application necessary only a week after, depending on your bodily chemistry.

Long-Lasting, Guaranteed Effects

 There are several factors that could determine the longevity of effectiveness of this product. While most applications would be enough to provide protection from sweat for a week, some may last longer and some would last much longer. Factors may include how often you engage in physical activity, as well as bodily chemistry.

Scent and Alcohol Free

 If you are on the lookout for a fresh, neutral odour, and something that would not get in the way, or compete with the perfume of your choice, then this is definitely the best choice for you, as it is free from artificial scents, which also carry the risk of irritation and skin allergy among others with sensitive skin.

Apart from that, it’s also alcohol free, and thus you can be further assured that your skin would be free from irritation, and the “sting”, or burning sensations, as well as the drying effect that is a common attribute of alcohol.


Not Available Everywhere

Medline MedSpa Antiperspirant Roll-on is rather hard to find. It’s not widely available in local cosmetic stores, as it is only found in either online shops and hospitals ordermatological centres, given that it is highly-specialized.

 No Scent

While this may be a pro for those who have hypersensitive skin, there are some people who wish to cut on costs for perfumes, and this would have served as a cost-saving strategy.


Given that it’s not easy to find MedSpa Antiperspirant Roll-on in a lot of shops, there are several professional-grade deodorants out in the market which are easier to find and are widely available. Having said that, some of the alternatives you can make use of include MenScienceAndroceuticals Advanced Deodorant, Secret Clinical Strength, Dove Men+Care, Suave, and Dove, which all have scents and anti-bacterial and moisturizing mechanisms, which would not only guarantee fresher smelling underarms, but healthysupple and nourished ones as well.


If you’re not a scent-type of person, and if you’re looking for a clinical strength, medical-grade kind of deodorant that does not make use of so many additives, allows you to save and buy in bulk, one which you need not apply often, and most importantly, a deodorant that gets straight to the point and is able to provide long-lasting freshness and underarm dryness, then this is definitely the perfect product for you to make use of.


There are many kinds and variants of under-arm roll on products you can avail of in the market nowadays. Having said that, it’s important to note that not all of these products are made the same way.

It is therefore, wise for you to choose an under-arm roll-on to cater to the specific issues that you may have, whether it be sweaty under-arms, smelly ones, or probably, and unfortunately, both.

If sweating is your issue, and nothing less, it’s best to stick to Medline MedSpa Antiperspirant that keeps it simple as simple can be.


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