Certain Dri: Anti-Perspirant Roll-On

Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant Roll-On

Certain Dri is a prescription strength anti-perspirant roll-on. However, unlike some other powerful antiperspirants, you don’t need a prescription to purchase it. It has relieved many from thier sweating woes, in particular those with hyperhidrosis. It must be noted that this is prescription strength and thus certain precautions must be used. To be gin with, we must understand why it is we sweat exactly.

As we know, sweating is a natural reaction of our body to stimuli such as hot weather, saunas, working out, being tense or nervous, and for some, just simply going about a daily routine. Every person is different when it comes to sweating, some can perform many heavy tasks or different jobs but hardly break a sweat, and others perspire even from doing a little work.

Sweating is healthy and essential for our body to function properly, however, a great number of people suffer from excessive sweating. This condition of excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis and it can happen to teenagers or adults and may adversely affect their daily life.

This condition impacts social life, as well as emotional and functional well-being. If you are a sufferer of hyperhidrosis, you may find that a deodorant can be a good solution to your problem. Not only one that prevents body odor, it is also acts an antiperspirant. Certain Dri is an antiperspirant roll on that works on most of hyperhidrosis cases.

Features of Certain Dri

  • Certain Dri Antiperspirant is a roll on which makes it easier to apply and less costly.
  • Prescription Strength and doctor recommended, all while being a safe, non-prescription product.
  • Colorless and stain free.
  • Completely odorless which will not interfere with your personal fragrance.
  • One of the components is 12% Aluminum Chloride which prevents excessive sweating.
  • Applied during bedtime to give it time to adhere to the skin and work best while sleeping.
  • Does not wash off after taking a bath or showering.
  • Regular use of Certain Dri allows it to lessen the times the user may need to apply it every night.
  • Can be re-applied the next day for an additional layer of protection and freshness.


  • Certain Dri Prescription Strength is a roll on which makes it more discreet to apply rather than the spray type deodorant.
  • The roll on feature of the Certain Dri Prescription Strength makes it less costly as each stroke is enough to fully protect your underarm from sweat.
  • This is not just a deodorant but an antiperspirant which help prevent increased sweating.
  • Certain Dri is colorless that prevents cloth stains that may be hard to remove.
  • Does not need to be applied daily anymore after several use.
  • Certain Dri is fragrant less or odor free which does not interfere with the user’s use of his or her own personal fragrance.


  • The product should be used as regular as possible until the user can get used to it.
  • Gives skin irritation but tones down eventually with regular use.
  • Needs more applications as possible for first time users.
  • The ingredients can cause itchiness for a certain period of time.
  • The formulation triggers skin allergies and other skin complications.
  • This product is not advisable for use on people with sensitive skin.


Excessive sweating happens to a lot of people nowadays, but not to worry since it is treatable. If you are not sure whether you are suffering from hyperhidrosis, best to consult a doctor and have your condition examined. If your condition is normal, you can still apply Certain Dri Antiperspirant for prevention. Certain Dri Roll On focuses more on controlling wetness and its aluminum compound content block the pores to prevent excessive sweating and aid in odor absorption which causes moisture.

A typical deodorant is more on odor prevention rather than sweat prevention since sweating is not something you really want to prevent. Body odor is produced from the bacteria found in sweat. Deodorants are designed to fight against these odor causing bacteria rather than control sweating.

Unlike deodorants, the Certain Dri Antiperspirant Roll On is only for underarms where deodorants can be used in other areas of the body like hands and feet. Another difference between the two is that some classify deodorants under cosmetics while antiperspirants are more as over the counter drugs.


If you can’t find the right antiperspirant that will adhere to your sensitive skin, try to research some more natural alternatives. Since Certain Dri’s few ingredients are aluminum, baking soda, and water, there are also homemade antiperspirant cream for people who are always on the go.

This kind of antiperspirant calls for organic cocoa or mango butter, coconut oil, arrowroot, baking powder making sure it’s aluminum free, and lemon grass essential oil. For people who do not intensely sweat you can opt to purchase an ordinary deodorant.

Deodorants may not be the solution for hyperhidrosis, but there are some deodorants which still prevents sweaty underarms and also gives out a fragrance that avoids body odor. If you don’t like some chemicals or are not used to roll on, you can also try and obtain the deodorant stone.

Verdict on Certain Dri

Certain Dri is an extraordinary non-prescription product. It is applied before going to bed to ensure that it will last long and effectively during the next day. This is not an additional product to apply but it will replace your regular deodorant or the old antiperspirant you are trying to get to work but just do not.

Although this product is used at night and is fragrant less, you may apply a scented deodorant every day if you also have body odor problems. It is totally safe to put over your already Certain Dri treated underarm.

This product gives out aluminum chloride and you will know it’s working when you feel an irritation in your underarm. This can go on for a day or two or maybe more depending on your skin but it will be worth it when you get the results and eventually, you won’t even be applying a daily swipe of Certain Dri and you can go on for days without sweating excessively. Do not risk getting your clothes stained because of your wet underarms or missing out at office events because of heavy sweating, just purchase Certain Dri.



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