Sweat Miracle Review -Does it work-?

Sweat Miracle

What is Sweat Miracle?

Sweat Miracle is a proven holistic system for permanently curing excessive sweating. Many people around the world suffer from excessive sweating which can lead to other health issues.

The disease is known as hyperhidrosis. Besides health problems, excessive sweating can also lead to loss of confidence and social withdrawal quite embarrassing.

Sweat Miracle is a book that composes a holistic therapy system that can help you to eradicate your sweating problem within a matter of 1 to 2 months. It is a non-invasive and safe treatment method that can be safely adopted by anyone.

The author of the book is Miles Dawson, who is a former patient of hyperhidrosis and has devised this perfect treatment method over a period of 12 years of study and research.

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Features of the Sweat Miracle system

Sweat Miracle is a simple solution and a natural treatment technique that can be followed by anyone without the assistance of medical practitioners or therapists. The language is simple and instructions are to the point.

The book offers a complete solution for excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Reading this book can help you to understand that the treatment technique you should adopt would depend on the uniqueness of your disorder.

Hyperhidrosis symptoms may vary from person to person. For instance, some may suffer from excessive sweating of the hands and feet, but others may complain about excessive sweating from the scalp.

The book basically teaches the reader 3 principles of the treatment system which is based primarily on understanding the nature of the disorder.

Before treating the problem, the afflicted should understand the exact nature of his or her disorder. Firstly, the patient should make a note of treatment techniques that have failed in the past.

Secondly, it is important to understand the mental and physical problems associated with the diseases. And thirdly, it is important to identify a proper proven treatment system to eradicate the root cause of the disease instead of merely treating the symptoms.

Once the 3 principles are clear, it should be apparent why all previous treatment attempts have failed. Excessive sweating is a unique and chronic disorder that requires a customized and collective treatment method.

Products like deodorants, antiperspirants, and astringents can only topically try to cover up the excessive sweat, but cannot help in reducing the level of sweating.

The author makes it clear that wrong treatment methods can lead to more health issues rather than making any contribution towards treating the actual disease.

This can further discourage patients in making positive attempts in the right direction. Hence, it is very important to understand and stop the wrong practices without any delay.

Although the name of the book Sweat Miracle makes it seem like a one-day solution, it is not so. The Sweat Miracle system is a holistic healing method that may take months to help the sufferer to completely be rid of the disorder.

The book says that within 30 to 60 days hyperhidrosis can be treated. This is the approximate time within which the issue can be resolved, but the reader should follow the instructions without any break.

Sweat Miracle is a 5-step program that does not involve any kind of unnatural treatment methods like hypnotherapy or any complex exercise modules.

The book is based on real-world research and experience based on the experiences of the author, as well as other patients who have successfully treated hyperhidrosis by following the Sweat Miracle system.

Since it is based on real experience, it is far more practical and does not demand readers to do anything invasive or over the top to overcome their problem.

Although it is a holistic treatment method, Sweat Miracle is a simple and step by step method that makes it easy even for a beginner to follow and practice the instructions without help.

It also comes with several freebies or “bonus books”. These books are a great source of information on natural treatment methods for all sorts of health disorders that can be treated using holistic techniques.

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The bonus books include topics like Yoga, meditation, nature therapy, healthy eating habits, medicinal herbs, natural cures, sleep disorders, water therapy and so on.

Sweat Miracle is a comprehensive treatment approach that can have life-changing effects. It not only helps you to overcome your disorder but also to understand various aspects of your everyday living that can affect physical and mental strength and vitality.

The book covers an in-depth analysis of detoxification and its relevance in controlling excessive sweating. Sweating is basically a tool that helps the body to remove toxins from the skin, but excessive sweating can cause drainage of vital minerals and fluids that are required for proper health maintenance.

Through proper detoxification, it is possible to control the body’s urge to sweat excessively. Detoxification takes place primarily in the liver. Proper detoxification can purify the blood and this, in turn, improves the overall quality of body cells, tissues, nerves and venous systems. This has a direct impact on your sweat glands too.

The book covers such important factors that affect and improves each and every function of the body thereby resolving the sweating problem too.

Dietary habits are also covered extensively in this book. People generally talk about beneficial and non- beneficial food items. But seldom do they understand that only a right combination of these food items can bring the desired effect or improvement that you wish to see.

The author has asked the help of several dieticians and experts in figuring out a proper diet that can help the patients in purifying their digestive system. This directly helps in purifying the blood.

This, in turn, reduces sweating because sweat is generated by sweat glands by filtering fluids and impurities from the blood. Blood purification is a straight and scientific method of treatment that does not disrupt the natural functions of the body.

Critics have noted that the book is rather simple, but readers who have experimented with these simple steps in the proper claim that the results were unexpectedly positive.

Initial patients who were treated with the Sweat Miracle were subjected to thorough medical checkups that proved that all their body functions are normal and the treatment technique has no side-effects reported so far.

The book covers 10 key nutritional combinations that form the foundation of healthy living. It explains that everything that we consume is added to the body and has an impact on its functional variations.

The best natural way to heal your body is to control the nutrition that you take in on a regular basis. Food can make all sorts of changes you may or may not want within the body.

So if you control your food intake you can control your body too. This is a bitter truth that one has to accept. The author has made it very clear that proper diet is essential to making a real difference.


Sweat Miracle is a chemical-free treatment method that can be readily adopted by anyone at any stage. It is a natural treatment method that does not involve any drugs or medications.

It is a proven method promoted by several acclaimed doctors and physicians who claim the entire treatment method to be safe regardless of the effectiveness of the overall program.

The Sweat Miracle program has gained wide acceptance within a short span. This is indicative of the effectiveness of the program among common people. Several cases have been reported wherein expensive medications have failed, but Sweat Miracle has brought marked improvement.

The Sweat Miracle system treats hyperhidrosis internally rather than trying to suppress symptoms. Most physicians try to treat the issue topically by asking the patients to take drugs that reduce body odor or skin rashes that are a part of this disorder.

However, this does not help patients in the long run and leaves them in the same situation even after months of expensive treatments. The biggest advantage of the Sweat Miracle system is that it helps people get rid of expensive astringent agents, lotions and creams that they had to depend on to get rid of all the ill-effects of over sweating.

Sweat Miracle is based on improving the natural functioning of the human body. It helps people understand the underlying reasons for excessive sweating. Sweat glands are controlled by the autonomic nervous system and circulating hormones.

The treatment method adopted by the author deals with various lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements that regulate the hormonal imbalance and thereby gradually reduces excessive sweating.

Through appropriate nutritional changes and diet control, one can make a big difference. This has been illustrated through a step by step description in this book.

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Sweat Miracle is a holistic treatment technique and it may not work wonders for those who expect quick results with minimal effort. Holistic treatment requires patients to get involved deeply. It requires them to be relaxed and free of all anxieties.

Only with a positive approach can someone bring full results during holistic treatments. Certain patients have found it difficult to get a grip on the psychological aspect.

The Sweat Miracle system is not a small treatment or medication module. It is a holistic approach towards life which intends to bring major positive change in the way the body functions and reacts. And this major change does not happen overnight.

Results may take months for those who find it difficult to closely follow instructions. It is not a simple drug or medication that can cure a disease in a matter of days. Sweat Miracle can be a real miracle if the follower has patience and faith in the system.

The book Sweat Miracle is comprised of over 150 pages. A lot of information is summed up within these pages. The information is not supported by a lot of illustrations, case studies or images. The author has described everything to the point and avoided other discussions.

Sweat Miracle is an e-book and therefore not available in hard copy. Although it is considered convenient by the majority of the public there is a small minority who would like to read books in the traditional manner.

The book requires the reader to follow the contents and instructions quite closely. As described above, it is a holistic approach which requires the patient to be physically as well as mentally prepared to bring change that can empower their body to make a drastic change and put an end to a chronic issue that has been continuing for decades.

Readers should undertake and embrace the treatment method as a belief system and follow it meticulously to see the desired effects within a matter of 2 months. Those who fail to do so complain about incomplete or no results. This has caused some negative reviews.

The treatment method does not support patients merely depending on topical creams and deodorants for reducing the effects of sweating. And it also does not provide any shortcuts for reducing the side-effects of sweating.

It solely focuses on reducing sweating and reducing the number of toxins released through the sweat. This, in turn, reduces odor and skin issues. Indeed, it sounds like a long process so users who desire quick results might be disappointed.

When following Sweat Miracle, the author has urged users to stop other medications they’re on for controlling hyperhidrosis. This may not be acceptable for those who may not be willing to suddenly adopt drastic changes.


Sweat Miracle is a holistic treatment method that does not involve the use of any kind of chemical or synthetic drugs or medication. It is based on natural cures that help the body in regularizing its hormonal imbalance and making it function more efficiently.

From reviews of the majority of users, the food products, herbs and nutritional supplements suggested in the book are safe and do not cause any side effects.

However, the effectiveness of these products depends on the overall lifestyle changes adopted by the reader. Nonetheless, the products are worth a try if you have the patience to reap slow results from a completely holistic treatment method.


Sweat Miracle has outdone some of the previously successful products in the market like No Sweat which is a treatment method to control excessive sweating. In comparison to Sweat Miracle, No Sweat is more expensive.

Sweat Miracle is also considered a conclusive treatment method when compared to products like Oriflame Antiperspirant deodorant. These topical products are temporarily effective, but the moment they are removed from the skin, the sweating continues.

Verdict on Sweat Miracle

Sweat Miracle is no miracle. But it is a proper treatment method that helps you understand your body and the way it is functioning or not functioning. The secret of your body which is revealed by the author Miles Dawson is very interesting and won’t find such details in any other sweat treatment write-ups.

Books like No Sweat are great, but they do not provide a conclusive solution to eradicate the issue for good. Excessive sweating is a chronic issue and it needs a definitive cure. Controlling it or managing it for a short period is not a permanent solution.

The reason that many physicians and dermatologists have given positive reviews about the book is that the book has presented proven facts with scientific evidence that proper diet and nutrition can impact hormonal changes in the body. This, in turn, affects the working of all the glands, including the sweat glands.

It may not bring temporary results like the freshness you may get from Oriflame antiperspirant deodorant, but within weeks you can certainly see the reduced sweating if you follow the instructions of the author without faltering.

No Sweat is also an informative book on sweating problems. However, it does not contain detailed instructions on how to control certain typical sweating issues like excessive sweating caused by anxiety or stress.

Sweat Miracle deals with all sorts of sweat problems because the author has done 12 years of research before publishing the book. It is a fairly large chunk of a man’s life and Mr. Dawson has indeed given his best in helping those suffering from hyperhidrosis because he himself has been there and experienced the worst.

Having successfully overcome his chronic and extremely severe hyperhidrosis the author has left no stone unturned to offer a proven and 100% scientific solution for curing this disturbing disease forever.